Recap 2018

Hullo 2019

As we stepped into 2019, I want to look back at the amazing year I had in 2018.

The event worth mention in 2018 in my life is our marriage.

I left my job of 6 years in March 2018, which was followed by my marriage. Marriage life has been peaceful, and more importantly, now I have time in hand to pursue many of my long-held interests and a cosy little place to settle down every day with my IPad and diary and charts.
I hope 2019 will be the year I find a shore my interests, and a year I will have my resolutions met.
I cannot end this post without mentioning the floods that happened in my state Kerala in August 2018, worst floods in the last 100 years. The whole state was bought to a frozen state with many of us being directly affected and the vast majority living in fear about near and dear ones. This is the closest I have come to a natural disaster. I could sense a feeling that overcame me where we were ready to throw away all the differences in our minds, and we have taught us about our neighbour next door and saw people in different walks of lives come together to hold up lives in the rising waters.
Government, Military and common man joined hands, and their contributions are applaudable, But my heart goes out to the day’s “Heroes”, our fishermen community.

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The community has always taken my interest from the time I visited beaches in Chennai where we could see the fishermen getting ready to leave and returning after the days catch in those small boats. Many leave home for months in those big electric boats.They led simple and not so perfect lives, woman folk too participate in the livelihood. They live the lives happiest on a fair catch day and in ditch poverty on lean days. I have always admired their simple faith and the rhythm of life imbibed from the sea. They live close to nature, where even the youngest generation happily joins the trade. Perhaps the struggles in the water to keep life floating have turned the generations into real fighters. They have always held the back of the brethren, that’s how the community was bought up. They are original human beings and now proved to be our saviour’s in the dimmest of days.



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